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When it’s time for your next Subaru Forester oil change, what type of motor oil should you use? The recommended Subaru oil type is 0W-20 synthetic for a non-turbocharged engine or 5W-30 synthetic for a turbocharged configuration. Whether you head to a service center for your next oil change or do the heavy lifting yourself in American Canyon, the team at Hanlees Napa Subaru would be happy to help with all of your Subaru needs. Take a look at our oil change tips and tricks below, and contact us with any questions about how to take the best care of your car.

Recommended Subaru Forester Oil: Synthetic vs. Conventional

Why should you use synthetic oil over conventional for your next Subaru Forester oil change? We recommend taking a look at your owner’s manual to see what is recommended for your particular vehicle, and you could always ask our technicians for advice. But, here are a few pointers to explain why synthetic is the superior choice:

  • Formula: Both conventional and synthetic oil are refined from crude oil. Both are petroleum-based products that help your engine perform at its peak power and efficiency.
  • Longevity: Synthetic oil is refined even further, containing additives to enhance stability and longevity. That means synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil, and you can stretch out your Subaru Forester oil changes as a result.
  • Price: Synthetic oil tends to cost more, but you can go longer in between oil changes. Conventional oil is cheaper initially, but you’ll need to change it more frequently.
  • Usage: Synthetic oil is thinner and flows more freely than conventional oil. Virtually all vehicles will benefit greatly from synthetic oil, but sometimes old engines benefit from the thicker conventional oil for added lubrication and protection.

What Happens If I Skip my Subaru Oil Change?

Now you know what type of oil does a Subaru Forester take, but why should you change your oil at all? Your motor oil plays a huge role in your car’s performance. Motor oil flows through the engine, providing essential lubrication to components while reducing friction. If you neglect your Subaru Forester oil changes, your oil will thicken over time. The thicker it gets, the less easily it can flow through your engine. That means every time you drive around Fairfield, your engine will build up more friction and heat. This can cause everything from poor fuel economy to overheating to even total engine failure!

Schedule Your Next Subaru Forester Oil Change at Hanlees Napa Subaru

So, what type of oil does my Subaru Forester take? If you have any questions at all about Subaru car care, be sure to contact us in Napa. We’re only a short drive away from Vallejo, and we’d be happy to help you find the right maintenance products for your specific make and model. You can also schedule your next appointment online!


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